Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A new Year A new Syle A new you!

I completely redid my style for this post to feature it for the new year! I wanted to feature a lot of the things that are in right now in SL fashion! Enjoy and makes sure to check out my store Style So Chic for some nice shapes and more!

SU!- Bloody Knees 01 [DARK] 2
UtopiaH- Always Hiding Make-Up [full run version]
UtopiaH- My Charming Bow Collar Black
This was bought at the Suicide Dolls Event.. They have a lot of great designers there and have new events often.
UtopiaH- Spiky Headband [black]
.PANIK. MS. Warrior Face Chain - Black/Noir
.PANIK. Body Skull - Black {Jacket}
This was also bought at the Suicide Dolls Event..
al vulo - Ewa * kinder red brow fairy
*Style So Chic* Claire Shape -New
This is the new shape from my store.. I am told the ass, legs and hips rival the phatazz.. So for those girls who don't want to buy the phatazz this is a great substitute.. Or or those girls who do and don't want to mess with your shape, the shape is phatazz ready..
Magika - Please - [02]
SuPerBia- PierCinGs *SpiRaL NoSe* PinK
{TARAshoes}-FASHION HALLE Shoes Black
.Identity. Body Shop - Dirty Sinner Tattoo
.Identity. Body Shop - Old Schooled

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Oh Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree

 Christmas is that time of giving, the time of amazing nights by a roaring fire with someone you care about.. Mistletoe, eggnog, presents, lights, trees, snow oh my! Here is a few things that came out this holiday season and what I paired with them! Happy Holidays to all and to all a Deviant night!!!


[R3] - Aaron Jacket [V3]
SUGAR City Jeans
DRD- Begger's boots BLACK
[R3] - Gloves [V3]
 Jessie is wearing the new DRD Elves for their gacha he has -Zombo- I have -Jacko- COLLECT THEM ALL!!!! Stop by and gets yours today!!!

Hat: DRD - Cap - unisex
DRD - Begger's Boots Black
SU! - Bloody Knees 01
Stickyz -  Army Brat -  Black
DirtyLand -  Gun Holster Total Black
Hair: eXxesS - Mesh hair: Momona Red Pack
Belt: <TheAbyss> FM_NAU_Combat_Belt
.Identity. Body Shop - Dirty Sinner
-UtopiaH- Painted Face [Symmetry in Blood]

Monday, December 9, 2013

Back and ready to ATTACK!!!!

A really good, and sexy friend of mine told me.. The bests gifts, come fully wrapped.. This Post is for him, just a few outfits that covers just about everything for this winter!

Picture 1:

This one is meant to be playful, kind of a peasant look playing in the snow!

DRD- Wintry Dress Darkgrey -  this dress comes with an under skirt.. it's very cute, a great winter dress in my option! It's comes in other colors too!

Feet: [GOS] Mesh Feet -  These are some really good mesh feet.. the color hud is easy to use, you can go to the web site bit your skin you have on and it's quick match..

Antlers: The DRD Seasons Antlers are very special, they are part of the Xmas Gacha This set is the xmas Rare set.. They are gorgeous! The white antler has candy canes type vine wrapped around it, ornaments and mistletoe on it from what it looks like! I love LOVE love them.. Great detail I suggest you run to the gacha fair and grab ya a set! I added the LM just for you! It started yesterday, go grab your pair!

Hair: Magika [02] Volume -  This hair is super cute, i got it back when Magika was having their half off sale for that couple of weeks.. Along with like 5 other hairs, damn they need to have another say!

Picture 2:

[R3] - Minako Arm Warmers [V2] - These arm warmers are so damn cute! I have been pairing them with several short sleeve tops to substituting wearing a coat this winter on my sim! They also come with the amazing texture hud that R3 provides with all their clothing making it more than worth the buy as your getting several arm warms for the price one should be! ;)

[R3] - Anika Thanktop v2 (Solids) - This top is very tomboy chic, I think anyway.. It's great for any out doorsy girl to wear around! I paired it with the skirt though cause I loved the way the two looked together! Guess what it comes with, texture hud ;) like al R3 clothing getting more than one shirt for the very reasonable price!

[R3] - January Scarf [v2] - This scarf is part of the Jewelry and Accessory Expo from R3, it's a great winter scarf for anyone who loves to accent an outfit with accessories! I suggest everyone runs by the expo and grabs theirs!! Texture hud! ;) 

[Burley] Sirah II Reds - This hair shop is hella cute, very girlie if you ask me.. I am not a huge girlie girl fan but I love this hair store, find myself shopping there quite a bit lately!

SLX - Outfit Gypsy -  wearing just the skirt but the whole outfit is cute as hell! This designer is part of Ducknipple.. The outfits come in wholes and they are all hell cute, they have some great outfits for a great price and all very well made!

DRD -  Antler Antixmas -  The other Rare antlers DRD has at the winter gacha fair going on right now! These Antlers are amazingly details and perfect for any grunge, emo, goth wearing antler loving person! They are pretty amazing looking and Love every inch of them!

Picture 3:

[R3] - Diana Skirt [v3] - This skirt is so school girl! It's hell a cute with the leggins and the boot though, and can wear it during the winter with them! Texture hud! Almost ALL R3 stuff has the texture hud.. This one changes the color of the skirt panels and the strings in the skirt themselves! Hella cute and must have for any good girl ;)!

[R3] - Eevie Boots [v3] - I love love love these boots, I really do.. They are cute and keep the legs warm! They come in several colors with the texture hud and one is camo! yay for camo! I picked the black to go with my outfit, which has the pink accents!

[R3] - Miyu Top [v1] - Again this whole feel is kinda school girl if you ask me, which is why I picked this top with the skirt.. The top has the texture hud that goes from different patterns not colors on this one.. I think I brought a bit of a emo school girl feel to this outfit with the way I partnered it!

[R3] - Minako Arm Warmers -
again with the arm warms just to give ya the idea of no jacket and warm looking just for these! The top is a corp sleeves so the warmers pair great with it!

Hair - Magika [01] Clumsy - I have blogged this hair before but felt it needed a review! The hair is cute as hell and helps me with this whole look I am going for.. Keeping me sweet and innocent looking, and anyone that RP's with me knows I am anything but!

Nails - [MANDALA] MIlky way nails & rings/polly white -
These nails I got while on sale along with three other pair from Mandala, they are a great store I also have their mesh ears! They have great detail and the color is very vibrate!

Glasses - .::ODB::. Bloody Nerd Glasses -
These nerd glasses have that creepy feel with blood splattered across them.. make you think twice about my innocence doesn't it? ;)

Thanks for taking the time to read all that! If you have anything you want to see or want me to blog just let me know! My pictures were done by my good friend Ry, make sure to check out her blog as well Mesh Whore Couture over in my blog roll

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

family time

I just wanted too let everyone know i will be unable too post anything new for a few weeks.. sadly, my father past away on the 18th. i am making funeral arrangements and with family.. ty

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Ice Ice baby!!!

All right stop, Collaborate and listen
Lidia is back with my brand new edition
Something grabs a hold of me tightly
Flow like a harpoon daily and nightly
A shop so cool! Lets get to it fool!
Turn off the lights and I'll show you
To the extreme I rock a Blog like a vandal
Light up a screen and wax a chump like a candle.
With this new post cauze it's epic, can you handle?


Both of these outfits are from Ducknipple, welcome to the blog!

Hair: [BURLEY] Bella - Reds

Jacket: DN Mesh: Est Jacket- This jacket is very detailed and comes with a texture hud, god I love textures huds.. Comes in 12 color choices with the hud from black, pink, red, greens, blues, and more.. It's a great jacket at a steal of a price!

Pants: DN Mesh: Safety Leather Pants w hud - These leather pants are very sexy! I totally look like a biker chick in this outfit I put together! Now the pants come also 12 color combination! As a added extra, the pants come with or with out holes in the pack! The holes are held together with safety pens hence the name I am assuming!

Dress: DN Mesh: Peggy Winter Dress w Hud - This is a a really great dress, it's sexy yet conservative! Put some legging under it and your good to go! I wore with out leggings and love each of the 12 colors on the texture hud! The belt changes colors too! Best part Lola tango's baby! So this dress come with hud and tango appliers!? Perf!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Naughty girls, get in trouble!

Once more a huge big giant thank you to Mr. Jessie Corven for his help with this post! I won't mention that hanging out with him is the most fun I have in sl! So doing these posts with him is awesome!!! So here is poor Lidia once more at the mercy of Jessie doing nothing wrong I might add! Seeing how I am completely totally innocent! Someone didn't believe me, I won't mention names *coughs "Jessie" than grins* Enjoy the post everyone! *pouts Jessie's being mean!*

 Jessie is wearing:

Top: R3volt - Mens Tank [V2]
This top of course comes with that magic box I like to call *clears her throat to use the big voice* Texture HUD!!! hehee So it can go to several different colors and designs on the tank! Not to mention it looks completely sexy on Jessie! Not that it won't look good on you other guys or your man if you get it for him, I am just bias ;)!1

Pants: R3volt - Jason Military Cargo [V2]
So R3 and yes it comes with a hud ;)! They are cargo's so they cut a bit short at the legs as you see form the boots but with taller boots won't be an issue! They were pretty hawt for this scene to give that military cop feel to Jessie.. he wears them well!

Boots: RONSEM* - 5Hole Boots / black 
hehe why yes they are called 5 hole boots.. *giggle fit* hole.. hehe anyway I really liked these boots he picked for the outfit, they are very grunge urban feeling and would work great with that style!! Their pretty awesome, great pick Jessie!

Arm bands: R3volt - Jade cuffs [V2]
I have actually blogged these cuffs on myself a couple months ago when they came out but they looked amazing on Jessie so I figured why not bring them back! Just so you guys can see they look good on chicks and dudes! Plus they are very dangerous looking, I was almost afraid to tell him no! Well like I would tell him no, who am I kidding! yes they do have a texture hud ;)!

Lidia is wearing"

Top: Corvus- Apocalypse Jacket Black
I love this jacket, it's fit perfect on the new shape I am getting ready to put up in my store.. The style is great and the belt is remove able! It comes in different colors but me I liked t he black, but swayed a bit to the red one! I may or may not be hiding drugs in that jacket! shhh don't tell Jessie!

Skirt: R3volt - Diana Skirt [V3]
This skirt is cute cute cute, has this total school girl feel, the hud changes the color of the skirt area, and the strings on the hips.. So you have a lot of different ways you can wear this skirt from R3!

Boots: R3volt - Cleora Boots [V3]
I love a good pair of boots, and these ones are great, they come with hud of course but what doesn't with R3 ;)! The back of the boot folds down and has little studs on the back, they are hella sexy!

Shape: Style So chic - Chleste Shape [new]
This shape is really cute, it's got a smaller body with large butt.. The face is more round, with full lips and almond eyes.. The skin I am wearing with it is my Al Vulo polly skin really looks great on it!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Depraved, Dark, and bloody! Just the way I like it!

 I love a dark look, making your character looking creepy, depraved, and well down right insane really! That is what Corvus can bring to the table, which table!? The alter of course! teehee! Thanks Lori, your store is great! ENJOY everyone! A special thanks and shout out for the VERY sexy Jessie Corven for helping me out with this post!!

Some one has been a very naughty boy! I won't mention names *coughs jessie, than smiles sweetly!*.. Poor little innocent Lidia was just coming over and found him stuffing a body under the rug! Wait the rug, really? Teehee nah for real, Jessie is awesome for doing this shoot with me.. It was fun, having him chase me around ;)!

What Jessie is wearing:
Top: Corvus: Mesh men's black jacket with white bloody shirt - This shirt was a nice it on Jessie looked great on him! Really fit the scene I had thought out for this Corvus post! Comes in 5 sizes and the under shirt as you can see has some blood smear on it! Naughty Jessie!

Eyes: Corvus: Possessed Mesh eyes, black with small light in center -  These mesh eyes are creepy creepy, you can't see them well in the picture but trust me they are really great mesh eyes.. They come with an apha and would look good on any Demon or Evil dead thing! ;) or some psycho trying to stab me!!!

Lidia is wearing: 

 Eye shadow -  Corvus: fighter Eye shadow - This eye shadow went really well with the skin, it brought out the green eyes I was wearing, and if it wasn't for the absolute terror!! teehee jking ;)

Corvus: Beaten up face tattoo -
I usually Role play on a Dark Urban sim, as well as Jessie does.. I for one am always looking for high quality beating tattoos! What? Sometimes you get beat is teh way it goes! Corvus has a lot of nice tattoo layers that would go great with anyone RP in a dark urban sim or a supernatural sim at that!

Corvus: Body Bruises Full -
The previous stated comment about my face brusing goes double for the body bruising.. This is a really great quality tattoo and it will look great on any avi that wants their character to look like they got a beating, but doesn't have to be just for rp ya know ;)!

Shorts- Corvus: Red Combat Shorts mesh -
I fell madly in love with these shorts when I first tried them on! They are great, and fit my avi really well! They could go with any out fit really, from grunge to a more softer look if that is what your going for!! Their sexy!!!

Skin- Corvus: Malice Skin Pale -
This skin is really well detailed, ti's great with the look I was going for.. So for anyone that likes that emo, grunge, or gothy look Corvus is the place to look.. All Her skins are great with detail and go well with those looks!

Tattoo on chest -  Corvus Hell Over Tattoo -
This tattoo is great, the Star right on the neck that follows with "With heaven over you, There's hell over me" teehee.. Very nice for those sadistic sort like myself really ;)! Tat it's self is really well made, no seam lines and flows great on your chest!

Top- Corvus: Black Micro Top -
This tiny top is almost bathing suit top status! It is sexy though, i wanted to wear it so the tattoo I picked out for the outfit would show, cause of how much I loved it! Sometimes you make an outfit around one thing and it turns out amazing!! The outfit as a whole fit really great with the scene I worked out with Jessie, he was a great sport and i appreciate his help! Now stop stashing your dead bodies under my rug!!! ;)