Tuesday, March 5, 2013

All the pretty people!

So here we are the fabulously awesome Lidia and Mistero!!! I love to dress pretty with my new tango's, but sometimes if your wanting to show them off and dress nice for your significant other! I would have to say this is the way to go!!! Oh, and Mistero looks sexy as well!!!

What They are wearing!


Hair: Ploom Rene Candy:
I totally got this hair at the $95L sale thing that this sim runs! A bunch of nice designers get together and sell their stuff for only $95L.. Loved the hair so much bought two packs.. The candy pack and the blacks pack! So best part about ploom hair I have seen so far.. They come in small and large tango molds I guess you can call it.. Basically the hair fits over your tangos!! PERFECT ploom, major snaps!
Outfit: BE Bare it all body suit Black:So this bodysuit suit is sexy and well just plain sexy!! I mean come on look at it!!!
Shoes: Diktator - Envy Baroque heels black:I have almost died when I saw these heels, I had  been wanting them forever!! Than finally got them! They are for your bad girl type avatar, some kick ass shoes for a kick ass girl!!! These shoes would go great with a steam punk outfit or a nice grunge to punk rock outfit!
Bracelets: **RE** Nox Era bracelets: MeshThese bracelets are hawt, I was worried about resizing cause when I buy bracelets they seem to be to big for my avi's shape.. But they were perfect! Plus their mesh.. So can't go wrong there!!! So hawt!

Rings: RO bitch rings:
My wifey bought these rings for me, you can't see them very well in the picture but they are the tucker sexy girl rings!! So hawt! Plus, they come in chrome or gold when you buy them and not very expensive at all!!
Mistero is wearing!

 Hair- [BURLEY]_Sofian:
I don't shop a lot of mens wear but this hair is supa hawt on him. I love it and would recommend it to my male counter parts!!
Tat- [Sleepy Bozer] Diamonds Are Forever:

I know the owner of sleepy bozer, he is a supa funny and talented guy!! All I can say is get your tango tats out already!!!! kiss kiss ;)
Does your chain hang low does it wobbly to the floor!! sorry my Ebonics are rusty at best ;)!! But this chain necklace is hawt, and hey it hangs low.. right?
Shirt- [M] Male Shirt 
Black looks good on any man, he paired this outfit really well!!
Pants- ::theACAPULCOgold.::_Legged
I had a male friend complain to me just yesterday how hard it is to find nice looking mens skinny pants.. So for any man out there looking here you go, some hawt ones right there!!! He wears them nicely wouldn't you agree? :)
Boots- J U D A S::: The Revolution "Chanel Militant Boots"
Personally about boots.. I meant they always seem to cut something off or have clothing pieces poking through them.. These boots are awesome.. I love the texture of them and the little bling on the toe is a great added touch.. They fit well and they look amazing!!! can't go wrong!!!

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